About customwings

Our hobby is the designing of aircraft models, prototype purpose models and making models. So we are not limited to planes, we are able to embark on almost any project. We are equipped with our own CNC technology, we are using CAD. Basically, no project is crazy enough for us. We work to order, we accept NDA. Wea are able to create a model according to verbal assignments, manual drawings, plans or CAD files. We will process the request in digital form, design a suitable technology with regard to economy and finally produce it. We consult the entire process with the customer, implement his comments and deliver them on the agreed date. We have a team of experts in the field.

Petr Hnízdil

Petr Hnízdil is the founder of Customwings. He has a lot of experience with 3D modeling of aircraft structures. He is a specialist in the production of prototypes. It deals with the development of 3D printing.

Jan Brož

Jan Brož is a specialist in the construction and development of UAV equipment photography, taking aerial photographs and videos. He was at the birth of RC helicopter operations in the Czech Republic. Among other things, he is the author of “RC Models of Helicopters” (Brož, H., Brož, Vl., 2004). Operates AeroData.cz.

Michal Holman

Michal Holman builds our prototypes, next makes test flights. He has a lot of skills with cnc mill, making composite forms and developing full composite models.

Our skills and technology

  • 3D modeling to order
  • data CNC 2D milling or laser
  • data for CNC 3D milling 
  • proposal for model aicraft according to specification and creation kit 
  • design and manufacture of positive and negative forms
  • work with laminates, polyurethanes, silicones
  • milling duralumin, alumin
  • vacuum thermoforming
  • prototyping – the ehole process
  • building to order of models
  • prototyping – celý proces
  • production scale accessories to order

We are using

  • additive technology (FDM, SLA print)

  • CAD design

  • aircraft Engineering

  • composite technology

  • CNC technology